Captive bears

Bear’s condition in Georgia is extremely difficult. In the illegal hunting poachers usually, kill the mother bear and capture small bear cubs. The condition of the captivated bear cubs is much more difficult and expressed in the following.

The bears kept in a very small size cages and inappropriately fed. Mainly they kept at the restaurants or petrol stations to entertain visitors. Also they are kept by “animal-lovers” in different places.

It is difficult for mature captivated bear to be returned to the wild, but not impossible. Food for captivated bear provided by human and this is a main point  – the bear returned to the wild in case of  shortage of food will visit back people.

It is more easy for the bear cubs to return to the wild, though it takes a long-term works.

Rehabilitation – is the way for captivated animals to return to the wild.  There are several important steps to prepare the bear for returning – the bear should learn relation with other animals, independently obtain the food and avoidance of the people.

Our Bears Shelter cares for bears from 2010. There are 12 mature bears in the Shelter up to now.