Remote Custody Program       


Since 1st May, 2019 the Bears Shelter enforced “Remote Custody Program”. The program provides remote custody of bears living in the shelter that means that the applicant becomes official “remote owner” of specific animal. The applicant is enabled to select desirous animal and custody period in the shelter. In this case, the animal stays in the shelter while the owner provides monthly contribution (remote custody fee) in the amount established by the organization. The general purpose of the program is to provide essential conditions for bears living in the shelter, help of animal by the individual – “remote owner”. The main reason is the humane attitude and support of animals protected by the Red List of threatened species.

One adult bear’s food ratio per day in the shelter is 5 kg fruits-vegetables and 1 kg fish that monthly amounts 350-400 GEL.  The bears shelter thanks people who already became or will become in future the remote custodians of the shelter animals. Select your desirous bear in the shelter and become the “remote custodian”.  Animals>>>