The Food Waste campaign initiated by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture is officially launched


On 10th December, 2019, the representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture have officially launched Food Waste campaign initiated by the Ministry for bears shelter located in Tskhvarichamia. The purpose of this campaign is to provide with food brown bears enlisted in the Red List of Georgia and rescued from captivity of people.

Several large supermarkets have already engaged into Food Waste campaign including Carrefour. A lot of company and individuals expressed their desire to assist bears and provide “remote care”. Involvement of each citizen may significantly improve the living conditions of sheltered bears.

“In order to help captured bears, the Bears Shelter was founded and 15 brown bears were located in Tskhvarichamia, 2010. Over the years bears lived in hard conditions and captured in small aviaries. Due to this, bears are not adopted with natural environment and for their safety, it is necessary to hold them in the shelter for a long time. Expenses to care and provide bears with relevant conditions, the financial resources of shelter is poor. Through mediation of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture and support of private sector, it is possible to mobilize additional resources for bears rehabilitation” – stated the founder of shelter Mr. Soso Jikurishvili.

Remote Custody Program

Since 1st May, 2019 the Bears Shelter enforced “Remote Custody Program”. The program provides remote custody of bears living in the shelter that means that the applicant becomes official “remote owner” of specific animal. The applicant is enabled to select desirous animal and custody period in the shelter. In this case, the animal stays in the shelter while the owner provides monthly contribution (remote custody fee) in the amount established by the organization. The general purpose of the program is to provide essential conditions for bears living in the shelter, help of animal by the individual – “remote owner”. The main reason is the humane attitude and support of animals protected by the Red List of threatened species.

One adult bear’s food ratio per day in the shelter is 5 kg fruits-vegetables and 1 kg fish that monthly amounts 350-400 GEL.  The bears shelter thanks people who already became or will become in future the remote custodians of the shelter animals. Select your desirous bear in the shelter and become the “remote custodian”.

Nakresi commenced Captured-bears Project

Along with international organization World Animal Protection, we have commenced registration project of captured-bears during which we have established the number of bears under illegal ownership. Working on problems for captured-bears had been commenced since 1990 by Nakresi. After this time, we do monitor and current research is fourth-most that enable us to observe the dynamism. According to the last data, there are nearly 30-35 bears under illegal ownership in Georgia, generally, through poachers. As a rule, captured animals are under extremely hard conditions, put in small cages and fed with unfit food. Mostly, to fetch clients, bears are strapped in roadside restaurants and petrol stations. It should be noted that it is impossible to return adult bears in the nature as they are unable to fit new conditions and always return back to the people. In addition, due to rehabilitation process in Zoo, it is impossible to put bears there. Therefore, solution for solving problem is to build new shelter, provision of relevant food and conditions. We work along with the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Project commenced by Nakresi also aims to eliminate illegal trade with parts of bear-cubs. For this, we will conduct study of newspaper and internet applications and local markets. We will determine the origin of body parts to be sold and its market price. We will ask information from customs service about fact of deprivation of parts of species of Red List. Since illegal trade range with cub’s body parts will be determined in Georgia, we will take relevant measures with the State Institutions. In the end, it should be mentioned that according to the Georgian Law on Red List and Red Book, acquisition of animals enlisted in the Red List, including, bears is permissible only in specific conditions – for survival, treatment, restoration of population and scientific purposes that is made with the written consent of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia. Illegal acquisition and killing of bears is the basis to impose criminal liability. While illegal acquisition for one bear represents damage incurred to the environment in the amount of 50 000 GEL.