Legislation of Georgia

Illegal hunting in Georgia is frequent – poaching- the bears and other wild almost endangered species are killed. Unfortunately, bears often find themselves in captivity. According to the data of 2010, up to 50 bears are illegally detained in church-monasteries, restaurants and private territories. For entertaining purposes, mother bears are often killed and  bear cubs are captures in cages in unbearable conditions and in most cases they are  finally killed.

The brown bear is included in the “Red Book” of Georgia. Its capturing prohibited and punishable by law.

In accordance with Article 853 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, destruction of endangered wild animals in “Red Book” or destroying their egg, lair and other buildings which might cause their destruction, reduce of number or damage of habitat and/or capturing animals in special cases envisaged by the law with the violation of their limits and/or terms, purchase or sale without their proper permit or capturing

shall be subject to a fine from 150 to 850 GEL by confiscating the personal belongings of the infringer, which was the weapon for the above mentioned violations, or without it, only with the confiscation of the captured animals. Illegal captivity of bears in Georgia is punishable by criminal law. Damage to the environment for the loss of one bear illegally is defined by 50 thousand GEL.

According to the Order No. 2 of the Minister of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of Georgia dated as of 2 February 2011, the amount of damages to the environment for illegal capture of the bear equals 50 000 GEL according to “the methodology for determining damages (calculation) to the environment”. Consequently, the person who illegally captures a bear (i.e. kills a bear) shall pay compensation for the damage caused to the environment according to the law of Georgia.

According to the Criminal Code of Georgia, hunting on animals in the “Red List” of Georgia shall be punishable by fine or by a remedial term of up to 2 years, or by imprisonment for up to 3 years, deprivation of the right to occupy a position or work up to 3 years.